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Pattan is a small trading town located in the Baramulla District in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated on National Highway 1A that runs from Jalandhar to Uri, crossing a number of important towns such as Pathankot, Jammu, Baramulla, Pattan and Srinagar on the way.

Geography of Pattan

Pattan is located at 34.17° North latitude and 74.57° E longitude midway between state capital Srinagar and district headquarters Baramulla. It is surrounded by a number of villages like Palhalan, Nihalpora, Hanjiwera, Zangam, Sherpora, Sonium and Yall.

The terrain here is hilly and the average altitude is around 1553 metres (5095 ft) above the sea level. The area has a pleasant summer, but a very cold winter. Snowfall is common in the colder months. The average rainfall in the district has been recorded as 1270 mm.

History of Pattan

Sugandhesha Temple in Pattan

The area in and around Pattan is seeped with history. The city was earlier known as Shankarpur. King Shankar Verman (883 AD to 901 AD), the son of King Awanti Verman (855 AD to 883 AD), built this city as his new capital. Until then, Parihaspora, located close to the city, had been the capital of Kashmir.

Parihaspora near Pattan

It is said that the great King Lalitaditya Mukatapida (695 AD to 731 AD) ruled over his kingdom from Parihaspora. He built many magnificent temples and palaces here. According to Kalhan, it was a rich and prosperous city. It is said that the king had an idol of Vishnu made out of 84000 tolas of gold.  There were also idols of Parihaskesana made out of silver and a truly large idol of Buddha made out of copper. At one time, the city also became a center of Buddhism.

Pattan after 883 AD

Parihaspora began to decline in importance once Shankar Verman moved his capital to Pattan, then known as Shankarpur. May be such a move was necessitated by the fact that River Jhelum, which used flow close to Parihaspora, shifted its course and moved away. This made the town harder to reach. King Shankar Verman may have decided to shift his capital to a more accessible location for that reason only. Unfortunately for us, he used the materials from Parihaspora to build his new capital and thus the destruction of Parihaspora started by the king himself.  The task was finished by different invaders who attacked the area from time to time.

Indeed, Pattan and its surrounding area had to face many invasions.  According to Kalhan, the area was invaded by Harshavadan during the rule of King Uccala (1089 AD to 1101 AD). Sultan Sikandar also invaded the area in the fourteenth century; it is believed that he destroyed what was left in Parihaspora. The ancient city now lies in ruins.

Administration in Pattan

However, Pattan is now a flourishing town.  Today, the city is the headquarters of a tehsil of the same name and is directly administered by a Tehsildar. If you want to contact him for any reason, you can do so at the following numbers:
Phone No: 01954-231-248
Mobile No:  94197-07875

However, the Deputy Commissioner is the senior-most officer in the district. Although he is posted at district head quarters Baramulla, all other administrative staffs, including Tehsildar Pattan, works under his direct guidance. Moreover, law and order as well as disaster management falls directly under him. In case, you need to contact him, you can do so at the following numbers:

Office Phone
No: 01952-234-210
Fax: 01952- 234-005
Residential Phone No: 01952-234257 and 01952-234-357

Municipal Council in Pattan

Road in Pattan

Pattan also has a Municipal Council to take care of the civic needs of the residence here.  It has multiple duties, among which providing sewage and drinking water facilities get the maximum attention. In addition, the council has to maintain roads and make lighting arrangement, carry on immunization programs, look after the general well being of the residents, provide birth and death certificates etc.

While the members of the council are elected by their respective wards for five years, it also has an Executive Officer, who represents the state government. In case of necessity you may contact him at 01954-231-400 

Police in Pattan

Police force in Pattan functions under a Sub Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) posted at Pattan. He takes care of all law and order problems within the city. If you need any help from the city police you may call at the following numbers:
Pattan Police Station: 01954-231-230
Sub Divisional Police Officer, Pattan: 01954-031-989

It must be understood that the SDPO functions directly under the District Police Office. The later is headed by a Senior Superintendent of Police, posted at district headquarters Baramulla. If you need to contact him you may do so at the following particulars:
Office Phone No: 01952-234-217, 01952-237-251 (O)
E-mail: sspbaramulla-jk@nic.in

Fire Brigade in Pattan

There is also a fire station located in the Main Chowk area in Pattan. In case of necessity, you may contact it at 01954-231-222

Hospital in Pattern

Earlier there was only a Primary Health Center in Pattan. Fortunately, it has lately been upgraded to a Sub District Hospital. It functions under a Block Medical Officer and caters not only to the residents of the town, but also to patients living in adjoining villages. The government is also building a Trauma Hospital in the Baba Taing region of Pattan.  However, the project is yet to be completed.

Business and Economy in Pattan

Economy in Pattan

Pattan is a famous trading center, located on NH 1A. However, the economy of the area depends as much on agriculture as on trade and commerce. Animal husbandry and handicrafts too offer significant scope for earning in the district. Let us look at them a little more closely.

Agriculture and Allied Sector in Pattan

The farmers in the area around Pattan grow paddy, wheat, maize as well different types of vegetables in their fields. However, the tehsil is more famous for its horticulture products such as apples. Indeed, Pattan and its adjoining area produce the most delicious apples, which contribute significantly to the economy of the area. The government is also doing its bit to improve the yield. An agriculture and Seed Center has been proposed in Aglar Pattan. Bore wells are also being dug to augment irrigation facilities in this area 

Sericulture and Animal Husbandry in Pattan

In addition to that, the government has also set up a silkworm breeding unit in Mir Gund area so as to encourage sericulture in this region. In Pahallan, a rabbit farm has been established under the aegis of the Animal Husbandry Department. Sheep and cattle farming is also another source of income in areas around the town.

Handicrafts in Pattan

Handicrafts also offer sufficient scope for income. The government has set up six training center in different parts of the Pattan block. There are also four clusters of small scale units set up under the aegis of the Ministry of Textile in different parts of Pattan tehsil and they together contribute significantly to the economy of the area.

Tourism Business in Pattan

Tourism offers great scope for income in Pattan. The city, built by Raja Shankar Varma has two ancient temples built in the ninth century AD. These temples draw many tourists from far and wide.  Parihaspora, located at a close distance, is also another big draw. Rush of tourists to this region has also contributed significantly to the income of the people living here. Hospitality industry is slowly gaining ground in this town.

Transport in Pattan

Transport in Pattan

Pattan is located on at a distance of 26.5 Km from state capital Srinagar and 27.1 Km from district headquarters Baramulla. It is joined with both these cities via National Highway 1A. Therefore travelling to and from Pattan is easy and least time consuming.

Traveling by Air to Pattan

Since Pattan does not have any airport, visitors must come to Srinagar and then travel via road or rail to Pattan.

Traveling by Road to Pattan

Pattan, located on NH 1A, is easy to reach if you travel by road. It generally takes half an hour to reach Pattan from Srinagar. Jammu and Kashmir Road Transport Corporation plies regular buses on this road. You can also avail private buses and taxis to travel this distance.

However, if you are traveling through Jammu, it is going to take much longer. The distance between these two cities is around 347.1 Km and it takes around seven and half an hour to reach Pattan from Jammu.

Traveling by Rail to Pattan

Pattan is also covered by Kashmir Railway Megaproject. The station, code named PTTN, falls under Northern Railway Network Zone of Indian Railway. Following are the trains that stop at Pattan Station:

Train Number:
Runs from Budgam to Baramulla
Arrives At: 7.00 hrs
Departs at: 7.02 hrs
Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Train Number: 74626
Runs from Baramulla to Banihal
Arrives At: 8.08 hrs
Departs at: 8.10
Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday

Train Number: 74625
Runs from Banihal to Baramulla
Arrives At: 9.00 hrs
Departs at: 9.02
Schedule: 7 days a week

Train Number: 74628
Runs from Baramulla to Banihal
Arrives At: 10.03 hrs
Departs at: 10.05
Schedule: 7 days a week

Train Number: 74623
Runs from Budgam to Baramulla
Arrives At: 10.21 hrs
Departs at: 10.23
Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Train Number: 74630
Runs from Baramulla to Banihal
Arrives At: 11.28 hrs
Departs at: 11.30
Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Train Number: 74627
Runs from Banihal to Baramulla
Arrives At: 16.17 hrs
Departs at: 16.19
Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Train Number: 74622
Runs from Baramulla to Budgam
Arrives At: 17.18 hrs
Departs at: 17.20
Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Train Number: 74629
Runs from Banihal to Baramulla
Arrives At: 19.19 hrs
Departs at: 19.21
Schedule: 7 days a week

Train Number: 74624
Runs from Baramulla to Budgam
Arrives At: 20.28 hrs
Departs at: 20.30
Schedule: 7 days a week

PattanFact File on Pattan

Tehsil: Pattan
District: Buramulla
State: Jammu and Kashmir
Pin Code: 193121
STD Code: 01954
Elevation: 1553 meters or 5095 ft
Assembly Constituency: Pattan
Lok Sabha Constituency: Baramulla

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